Friday, January 18, 2008

wmii - real men use keyboard

a week or two ago i installed gentoo on my - 2 year old - ibook g4. i didnt use linux as desktop OS for this two years. well last time i was using KDE and thats what i installed first. well coming form mac osx kde was a little to slow for me, thats why i decided to five it a try with other WMs.

so last day i've been compiling a lot:
- xfce, nice, fast but just missing something
- e16, really nice, but some configuration would be needed but i dont have time
- e17, even nicer, easier to configure as e16, but needs some more development
- fluxbox, nice as e16, but i'm looking for some thing else

then i tried wmii, didnt know what to expect. i mean i saw friend working one with it, i was amazed by "keyboard only" navigation, but at that time i thought that it is to difficult to learn all this shortcuts.

when you log in you get a welcome message where there are basic commands that you need. in 15min - or less - i went thru this basic commands and give them a try.

i was so amazed with coloumn mode that from now on i really dont see how to live without this. still i need a lot to learn about wmii but first impression is awesome. i've started writing review and guides how to use wmii for newbie.

as my friend fillipos said "real men use keyboard"

starting this blog

well i guess in everyone must have a blog thisdays. dont want to be an exception so i created mine. 
i'll try to focus on and write about "how i work" and "which tools that i use". hope that somebody will found this helpfull.
and yes ... expect a lot of bad english :)