Saturday, February 28, 2009

need help: importing wikipedia

few months ago i wrote blueprint for importing wikipedia articles into plone. (reason was this post)
since then i didnt have enough resources (my leptop is not that fast) to import bigger set of articles into plone. i reached 25 000 articles then job was pushing and i need cpu for work. i would really like to see how far plone could go. is it possible to import whole wikipedia into plone? would be nice for promotion of plone... "look you can have wikipedia is that big enough for you sir" :P

well if you have some testing server that has spare cpu power and you are also wondering how far plone could go drop me an email and lets try too push it to the limits.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

website mockups, giving instructions with images

with websites getting richer and richer in style every day is hard for a developer (themer) to just know what his boss is thinking about. especialy if you are me i guess, i tend to think in a weird ways :P. it would be fantastic if i'll get concrete sketches or screenshots, since one image can replace 1000 (or more) words. but ofcourse making this king of images/sketches/screenoshots is painful since there is no tool that will copy your ideas to paper.

well maybe there is. Pencil ( small (400k), comes standalone (GTK+) or as firefox plugin. that means if you are running system that you have problems installing freaky software like flash, air, etc... , like i have (ppc/linux) then tool that *just works* with your browser is +100.

how it works?
* Tools -> Pencil sketcking
* you drag 'n drop screenshot of site you are working with
* right click on default page, and select properties, give our current page a name and select size
* and thats how i start sketching ...

Pencil have concept of multiple pages inside one document. which fit nicely since you normaly need to show how to change website (eg. default plone) in steps. and when you create new page you can select one of previouspages as background, which boosts sketching up. now i really feel that telling story with images is fun.

the only thing missing in this tool is to have a button that will screenshot one of my websites in firefox, but i use differenet tool for that (actually is batch script, one of first scripts i wrote in linux)

since Pencil is really too-easy-to-use tool, let it be enough and i'll leave you to try it. if you are using some cool tool that would make sketching even easier, please i'm all ears.

Monday, February 16, 2009

jqueryui datepicker as z3cform widget for plone

last time i released collective.z3cform.datepicker i also stripped js code out of jqueryui. this time i packed jqeuryui code and made it availiable to plone as separate package (collective.jqueryui).

you can find source code on github:

miohtama generously helped me with developing and actually pushed me to work on it. current state of code is rc, so expect some minor problems, but soon also stable release will be made.

not all options from datepicker are used and there is a lot of room for improvement. for now there are only 2 kinds of widgets: date and datetime widget. simple example would look like:

from collective.z3cform.datepicker.widget import DatePickerFieldWidget
from collective.z3cform.datepicker.widget import DateTimePickerFieldWidget

class ExampleForm(Form):
""" form """
fields = field.Fields(IExampleSchema)
fields['datetime_field'].widgetFactory[interfaces.INPUT_MODE] = \
fields['date_field'].widgetFactory[interfaces.INPUT_MODE] = \

code was also pushed to (using collective.dist.. tnx tarek for this usefull tool). but i found a little annoying since i need to wait for confirmation before my package is seen to public. is this the purpose how works or i screw something up.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

sarajevo story ends

i'm back, back to ljubljana ...

i neglected my blog fot the last 2 months, but meanwhile lots of things happen, some good some not that good. well staying in sarajevo was an experience i will remember, anyone that has never been to sarajevo i wormly suggest to visit it. despite recent war, everyday life stuff are back to normal, and reputation that sarajevo had in ex yugoslavia is restored (quote: "sarajevo is just like a little kid that will give you that child-like most honest look. if you hold him it will never let you go.").

in ljubljana finnaly things are shinny again, found a flat in the center (waiting for internet and then i move in), and also we have sun here at last. freelance waters are calm and stable, tnx for all my job providers for bearing with me last "crazy" month. so things are getting to normal again.

now its time to do new plans and throw old ones in the basket. for start i need to get back to my dear dyana (car) and restore it completely. then take it on unfogetable trip. destination is unknown and will probably depend on the job i get over the summer.

i did many releases on the pypi and didnt even bother to blog about it. in next week i'll "sync" it with and blog about them, looking fw to your comments.

and last for this after-long-time blogpost, if you are a company located at south of spain (or any other part will also be ok) and looking for some help with zope/plone related project give me a mail, since i plan to be there during summer and what could be more fun then to spend it with some great plonistas doing some cool stuff.

... today its salsa time, see you at gospodarsko rastavisce in ljubljana. i wonder if i still rember some moves :P