Monday, March 9, 2009

in relationship of 2 persons that think similar, one is too much, so i left

yeeeey running again. knees are that better that i can walk and run :P i just found that golovec is so much better to run then roznik that i must promote it here.

and whats new. well last weekend i did some "horrible" things. i opened tweeter, facebook account. i started writing sms's again, i rent a book to read it, ... well you might find this things normal, but are not for me. this all goes in the basket of procrastrination (however it needs to be spelled). why i did this you would ask? i lost all my goals and wishes. nothing interests me. so i start doing things i hate. to appreciate how i lived before and old goals or to found some new ondes. so from now on procrastrination is on my daily agenda.

today i have 2 saying for you all, which i found them on old friend info page:
- Jej in pij in kavsaj, za večnost se ne ravsaj! (eat, drink and fuck, for eternity dont bother) Dr. F. Prešeren
- Če v timu dveh oseb oba mislita enako, je eden odveč. (in relationship of 2 persons that think similar, one is too much) Janez Škrabec

i can relate to both of them. so now i officialy screem "i wanna liveeeeee" :) hehe

p.s. soup the other day was not good because of tomatoes. well lets see how neighbour would say when i do it next time. well next day i realise i still have "a touch", since i (and me sis) coocked mussels, in 3 souses, cant tell how good it was since it was toooo fabulous.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

how to use git with collective (svn)

probably you are wondering why the hack would i use git when dealing with collective (svn). there are lot of reasons. i'll try to explain my working procces and feel free to comment it and even suggest better/different way.

for start you need git. its important that is version 1.6.1 (or above) since new cool options just found place in this release.

1. pulling project out of collective

git svn clone --trunk=trunk --tags=tags --branches=branches --revision=75010:HEAD

options (see "git svn clone --help" for more):
--trunk: used to define where trunk folder lives
--tags: used to define where tags folder lives
--branches: used to define where branches folder lives
--revision: range of history with revisions that you want to pull

75010 is revision when Products.TinyMCE was first introduced in collective. and because collective is pretty large repository and we dont want to overload it, i really advice you to specifiy --revision. this will also make cloning go faster.

after you are done git created Products.TinyMCE folder with trunk content inside it.

2. commiting to collective and updating from it
now that we have our working git clone we start working and soon and as we work we can commit changes, but this changes wont show up in the collective repo just yet. you could say you have local repo. so commiting works the same way we would normaly do with

cd Products.TinyMCE
echo "# useless code" >> # we do some changes
git commit # commit localy
... # we work some more
git svn dcommit # finaly we push to collective

... # now new changes are avail. in collective for us to pick them

git svn rebase
# works like svn update

3. taging for release
normaly before release you also tag certain revision to some tag.

git svn dcommit # make sure all is commited to collective
git svn tag # tag it

4. stashing ...
(your boss will like it)
its a calm monday morning and you just started to work on new feature on project you are working. last weekend deployment was a success. next minute your boss brakes the door because there is some very important bug you need to fix (normaly is not that important, since nobody dies because of my code, but anyway some takes life more serious then me). you have some not commited code laying around and you would quickly need to return to commited version. with git its easy...

git stash # now your uncommited changes are stashed
... # work on that important bug and make your boss happy, commit it, deploy, etc...
git stash apply # and you are back to calm monday morning

5. working with branches
all your branches and tags are pulled into git. lets look them:

git branch -r # list all remote branches
git branch # list all local branches
* master
git checkout -b fix-strange-1.2-bug 1.2 # we create local branch for fixing strange bug that apeared in 1.2 branch
git branch # * is marking current active branch
git checkout master # we switch back to master branch
git svn fetch # fetches the updates with out modifying the local working files (which git svn rebase would)


there is one drawback when using git with svn. this is external repositories, but more about this next time.

Friday, March 6, 2009


tried to cook today. sky gave me some sun so i started with little smile. i cooked for few h then i realized i'm not even hungry. actually soup was supposed to be the best of soups i can make (tomato soup with "custom made" ravioly filled with cheese&ham), but for some reason something was missing. dont know what, just feeling was not right. it tasted ok, look was also as it supost to be, but sometimes you can smell the magic when "best" soup is served. neighbour liked the soup so i packed and gave it to her.

feels like i fail at anything i put my hands on this week or better last few weeks. somehow this lack of energy i have turns everything to worse. i miss days when i was jumping just because of some stupid little thing. normaly sun gets me in good mood, and even brings up the efficiency at work, but dont know whats with the sun today. actually is not sun, its me, and i know the reason, i just dont want to tell out loud. it would freak ppl. it freaks even me, when i'm laying on sofa and waiting time to pass by.

i want old dreams back. well dont care about old dreams, i just need something to dream about so i can then follow it. being dreamless sucks. anyway i have moments when i put smile on, but they end when the dance is over. so its there (in me) the joy for life i'm looking for. just need to bring it out more often, how? who knows...

todays quote: "I like traveling more then reaching final destination" (Ljubljana's King O'Tone 1st)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

want it to rain

ljubljana today is ... well sad. it looks whole day that its going to drop huge storm on us but nothing, almost nothing happens. just few drops of rain. you could feel the sky trying to tell you something. well probably screem at you. its like walking with eyes coverd with tears but somehow you are not able to cry, only drop now and then drops down, but with your eyes you are screeming to everybody.

again i did my - now almost by habit - walk thru ljubljana center. i even left my self phone at home. nothing to distrub me. visit few cafes, read news papers, help with few cents some homeless friends and headed home.

strange is that when doing this, i'm not feeling anything. its a habit that i'm used to do. its like being paralized. probably with time i'll get "feeling for life" back, i must or else i'm robbed of things you leave for, "feelings". but story to write another time. some homeless old man responded me today: "thanks for money and kind words, i'll take the money, but you keep the kind words, i see you need them more then i do".

and in all this mess how to have be happy? how to have it all? this was keeping me busy all my walk today. and funny answer is very simple - as are all things in life. maybe to but it in some smart words "those who want to be happy, are already the happiest persons" and yes its that simple. i didnt say easy, just simple. lets call the sun over ljubljana for tomorrow.

Monday, March 2, 2009

feel like homeless

in beggining i opened this blog to be "blog for *all* my non-sense", although i wrote only about tech stuff. i guess my life was that good (so good lie) that i didnt feel urge to write about other stuff.

after last week of more or less beeing home, beacuse of my bad knees, this week started good. i finnaly managed to get down the stairs almost without the pain (well at least i didnt have to use my hands). today it was sunny in ljubljana so perfect day to work around the center. i went from bar to bar meeting friends, working a bit (where there was internet in bars) and this was it. nothing special. after long time i bought my favorite magazine "Kralji ulice" ("Kings of the street"). you can only buy it on the streets of ljubljana. in addition of this blog i'll translate some of articles and add my thinking along the lines.

since i recently made some serious changes in my life, i'm at "ground 0" - starting point. i almost need to start my life again and rebuild it from scratch. but hey nobody said life will always go up, there are downs too. i never regret nothing in my life, but last year i regret how i lived my life. slowly moving away from myself and becoming someone just to be accaptable for someone. its funny how ppl are always on the side of victim. but for something to happen you need 2 sides, everybody in relationship are partialy responsible. so at the same time as i feel as a victim i'm also the bad guy i guess. just ratio is different.

if you like the day, then you must also accept the night. we dont have to like it, we just need to accept it, its part of the day. but normaly when we accept something we also like it (we are probably not even aware of this). thats where we normaly have problem. if we are ready to throw away all our judgements (for that we dont have to change our values) we would be able accept. accaptance is condition for more quality inner and outer live in place and time we are live in. life is just tos misterious, that we would always had to be the smart guy.

i'm not sure i'm ready to accept, but i try...