Friday, January 18, 2008

starting this blog

well i guess in everyone must have a blog thisdays. dont want to be an exception so i created mine. 
i'll try to focus on and write about "how i work" and "which tools that i use". hope that somebody will found this helpfull.
and yes ... expect a lot of bad english :)


bandigarf said...

Not everyone has a blog, some people are still working on their own blog engine. :-)

As for the "bad English" - some of us got used to it and miss it very much.

For the title, you were probably aiming for "get paid to do things for free", but I don't mind it this way either.

Anyways, good to see that you still like to develop. I can guarantee that you have at least one active reader from now on - me. You will know who I am by my nickname.

Rok Garbas said...

hehe bandigarf yes ... thats right. well maybe this way i show my personality (knowledge of english).