Friday, February 29, 2008

new site frustration

well you might think deploying simple site is easy. well i just realize that there are so many things that you need to do that with my limited brains i certainly forget something.

so new site plone integration is now going like this:
  1. hopefully i already have some design mockup, if not then i must use all imagination that i can posses to create decant design. i dont want to deploy site that i wont like. i want to create site that i could put under references.
  2. next thing i create new svn repository for every product that i have. most commonly i create two of them mysite.policy, mysite.theme.
  3. on my leptop i already have development buildout for my hosting, so i only add svn:externals to my src buildout directory
  4. then i create product skeleton for my products (paster create -t plone mysite.policy ...)
  5. after that do very similar changes that i do for every site (set mail host, theming, ...)
  6. then i ofcourse need to edit buildout configuration files (buildout.cfg, deployment.cfg) after that i put everything in svn
  7. on my server i first test deployment ... i call that stagging buildout where i test if the installation of new site went smoothly and also check that it didnt effect other sites that are running on the same zope instance.
  8. then setting up apache mysite_vhost.conf file
  9. creating caching directory
  10. creating awstats cont file and datadir
currently my deployment is without varnish, because i'm using simple apache cache-ing. varnish is my next thing that i will focus. i already see many things how to improve deployment story, this post i mostly to put problems on the paper.

then of course comes also billing that i'm currently doing by my "low memory" brains. so some steps towards easier site deploying is necessary.

... well till next time

Thursday, February 21, 2008

garbas.contentrating - docs added

when you publish something and you want ppl to use it then is nice to provide some documentation and here it is ... integrate content rating for your custom type

... and some very interesting plone project are comming my way ... (at least i hope so)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


huh it was busy time last two weeks ... working working and again working. but hey who would complain when it was all about plone :)

i'm enjoying my time here in sarajevo and will have to go back to ljubljana in few hours. i will miss all the food ... cevaps, pitas, mmm  so nice ... well i'll miss my girl too but thats different kind of "missing". but i'll be here in few days anyway, hehe so let me give her some rest...

i received first comment ( bandigarf hello and thx for the tip.

and finnaly i found time publish my first project garbas.contentrating well its still in intial stage, next thing to do is to write documentation for developers, make plans for future releases and write tests for that plans.

there is also other another product comming soon garbas.watermark, but i will wait/help for plone blob support and that release it.

... enjoy ur day, here is sun so i defenitly will, ...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

plone product ideas

currently i'm working on a project for some "party community" and i just can't remember my ideas anymore :) ... well here i'm trying to put them on paper.
  1. garbas.cron
    many times i need to give site administrator option to set cron jobs. some plone interface would come in hand here. i'm already preparing specification for this project and should be ready in few days.
  2. garbas.imagetagger
    when having a comunity site its hard to drive people back to your site or to make it more attractive. facebook does it perfect. tagging pictures with users (or sending mails if they are not part of the site). plone implementation is needed here for sure.
  3. garbas.najdi
    well this is more local one. in slovenia we have search engine that also provides maps, just like google map, but better for our area. so this would be the implementation of all their webservices into plone. still need to look a lot into this area.
  4. garbas.sms
    i didn't see any product that would provide some nice interface as well for administrators and users or some nice developer tool to easily implement this functionality into plone. i guess i must make some search for this kind of tools and then to write some abstract about it.
  5. garbas.watermark
    well this is the last in the series of ideas :). i found WatermarkImageField, but its only for plone 2.1. so implementation for plone 3 is needed. code is already prepared for other developers to use it but i would also like to provide a configlet where site admins would have a choice to enable or disable this feature for image fields over any content type.

well this is it. hope i would also get some sponsors for this kind of ideas.

rating content - garbas.contentrating

I've look at current available content rating products (lovely.rating, RatingEngine, contentrating, ... also others). Most suitable was contentratings with its simple design and zope 3 structure, but lacks of plone implementation. So this is this implementation that was missing...

First release is targeting developers only so they can easily extend their content types and provide rating option for their content type.

Next step is making it available for all default plone content types.

p.s. i'm still waiting that project submitters approve my project and then i'll also post a link here.