Monday, May 18, 2009

mi coche - reloaded

ok its true i just returned from trip, but its time to plan another ... why so soon? well i dont know where i'm going (i have few destinations on my head) by i know how i want to travel.

since last year's trip my dear "dyane" is resting. now is time to prepare it for next memorable trip. this time i'll try to take it even further. last year "we" made 5900km, this year i'll try to reach 10000km or more.

i started engine yesterday and after some few tweeks it was running perfect. except the the noisy engine. i guess that the sound of that "little" hole in exhaust system, but i already bought the replacement part. next thing to fix is clutch, which was damaged on last trip. then also replacement of bottom metal, because some serious holes apeared.

and to be a little more fun, all this i need to do this week since my registration expires on monday. plus all the work i have ... well its all aboout having fun right :P

yeeeey let the week begin ...