Tuesday, February 19, 2008


huh it was busy time last two weeks ... working working and again working. but hey who would complain when it was all about plone :)

i'm enjoying my time here in sarajevo and will have to go back to ljubljana in few hours. i will miss all the food ... cevaps, pitas, mmm  so nice ... well i'll miss my girl too but thats different kind of "missing". but i'll be here in few days anyway, hehe so let me give her some rest...

i received first comment (https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=4552108767346211437&postID=5689463847306307826) bandigarf hello and thx for the tip.

and finnaly i found time publish my first project garbas.contentrating well its still in intial stage, next thing to do is to write documentation for developers, make plans for future releases and write tests for that plans.

there is also other another product comming soon garbas.watermark, but i will wait/help for plone blob support and that release it.

... enjoy ur day, here is sun so i defenitly will, ...

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