Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sarajevo story began

yes summer is here and since i was in my room working for the last 2 months its time to change the room :). and yes i decided to visit my girl in sarajevo. actually i moved to sarajevo, we rent a flat. the only thing i miss is my internet connection, which will be installed in day or two. i'll be here for a month then i try to finish some exams i have left at the faculty in ljubljana. but there is no rush. at least for now i dont see it. currently my main occupation is python/zope/plone and this brings good money that pays bills so i can live with no worries. i know i have to finish school and there is no way i will drop it, i'll just take it a little more slowly, since graduading tomorrow is not going to change anything for me. i'm guessing how many kilos will i gain in 30 days. :)

for those who you are guessing where sarajevo and ljubaljana is.

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