Thursday, April 24, 2008

where is the sun ... i guess i only need to open a window

Most of the work is being done to counter the effects of other people’s work: when we all agree to work half as much, the total result would be the same. (link)
i'm deep in work this days, so no time to write for my blog, but lets make an exception. lets stop working for 5min.

so here are quotes/links of today that made my day or i just found them intersting:
  • i hope to found sponsor to go to washington to plone conference 2008, well anyway there is a survey about it and i enchourage to you to fill it (link)
  • this just shows other that python is a great tool "Jansen says not much has affected the top ten programming languages in the last five years, with only Python entering the top 10 (replacing COBOL),.." (link)
  • quoting bill gates: 'there is this thing called the GPL, which we disagree with.' Open source, he said, creates a license 'so that nobody can ever improve the software,' he claimed, bemoaning the squandered opportunity for jobs and business.' (more)
    well what can i say ... its bill gates ... as my imaginary acient africant philophist says:
    "dont brag you can fart a lot, because diaria is around the corner."
  • A fourth award for PloneGov (link)
    This new prize highlights one more time PloneGov avant-garde. The PloneGov initiative, started mid 2007, already won 3 other awards:
    - Paris, Grand prix du Jury, Lutèce d'Or 2007
    - Lisbon, Finalist, European e-Government Awards 2007
    - Brussels, Good Practice label, e-Practice 2007
    The "Prime Minister Public Service Excellence Awards 2008” outlines the outstanding quality achieved by the Irish PloneGov branch.

and yes i opened a window and there was sun.... lots of it ... sometime you forget to open it and you think world is small, well its not...

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