Sunday, July 6, 2008

finaly some vacation at sight

as you probably notice my activity in june was zero. only one post. there is few reasons.

as first i had an exam (Math 4) which a passed. i mean i dont consider my self that much dumb that i only took one exam per exam period, but this one is one of those that ppl tell their kids about. well if i want to successfully pass to 4th year i need to pass 3 in sept. so it will be again funny in sept.

second - i work as mad. tons of work is over my had. and its hard to work when there is sun outside and you would only wont to spend it somewhere else then your apartement. well complaining about work i love to do is just not nice ;) ...

i made my first longer trip with my car. i went from ljubljana to sarajevo. thats aprox. 600km. i took me 8 hours (from 9:30 till 17:30) to get there, but there was no complications with a car.

next monday i start my next trip with my car. Sarajevo - Taragona. its aprox. 2000km in one way. it will take us (me and my girl) about 4 days. but this trip is more of a slow one so we hope to see some nice cities on the way. i'll write during next week about this trip ... and i hope to create some nice photos on the way... it will be fun for sure.

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