Tuesday, August 5, 2008

back to real life

few days ago i returned back from vacation. road trip we(me and my firl) made was amazing. taking our car for 4850km long ride was really great idea.

so from ljubljana(SLO) i went to sarajevo(BiH) then from sarajevo to salou(SPA) via ljubljana, verona(ITA), san remo(ITA), monte carlo(monaco), Nice(FRA), Cannes(FRA), Moinpelier(FRA), over the Pirenies (probably i misspelled this one), tarega(SPA).

there (in salou) we spend one lovely week with friend from eestec. thank you guys/girls from lc madrid for taking so good care of us. i'll post 10 best pictures in next week.

the only sad think about trip is that we coulndt finish my trip with our car completly. after 4850km my "sklopka" (kuplung in german i think) broke so for last 70km i had to cal toll truck to gave us a lift.

but that does not scare us for next trip ... we hope to do Genova --(ferry)--> Tunis -> Algeria -> Morocco --> Sevilla. maybe someday ... maybe next year :)

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