Friday, November 21, 2008

plone-coredev with git (recursive svn:external solved)

months ago i migrated my projects to git. i wont go into debate why git, maybe this is for another post, but one of reasons was that it also seemlesly integrates with subversion. so you can use git on svn repos too.

if you are an old svn user and want to give git a try here is a nice tutorial with comparison to svn commands ( there are also other good tutorials on the web, uncle google is the guy to ask.

there were some cool changes in plone-coredev/trunk lately so this is a reason more to give it a try. but ofcourse i'll use git. there are many svn:externals which git-svn does not support but there is a workaround ofcourse. so lets start...

rok@bestia ~/Projects $ git svn clone --trunk=trunk --branches=branches --tags=tags --revision=21212:HEAD
rok@bestia ~/Projects $ cd plone-coredev

this only pulls buidlout from svn, svn:externals are not pulled out. now we use git-externals script which will pull svn:externals.

rok@bestia ~/Projects/plone-coredev $ ./path/to/git-externals
... fetch a coffie/tea/beer this will take time ...
rok@bestia ~/Projects/plone-coredev $ virtualenv-2.4 --no-site-packages ./
rok@bestia ~/Projects/plone-coredev $ source bin/activate
(plone-coredev)rok@bestia ~/Projects/plone-coredev $ python2.4
(plone-coredev)rok@bestia ~/Projects/plone-coredev $ buildout -v
(plone-coredev)rok@bestia ~/Projects/plone-coredev $ instance

and you have plone-coredev/trunk running... from first tast ... its fats :)

so what that does that git-externals script do?
its a script i wrote today, probably is buggy as hell but it works for now. it clones svn:externals in place they should be. in every package that has svn:exernals, .svn-externals file is created. reason i created it is because i didnt found any that can handle svn:externals recursivly. so here it is, ...

if you have any ideas, wishes, suggestions just write on rok-dot-garbas-at-gmail-dot-com.

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