Thursday, December 4, 2008

8th plone tuneup, doc team joining

i would say plone tuneup is one of the success stories of this year happening in plone community. maybe i see it because with tuneups i started to finnaly contribute back to plone, but i think i'm not the only one.

lately there has been also a lot of movement on plone-documentation mailing list. JoAnna Springsteen wrote in email to plone-doc and plone-users list:

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that started with the
December 5th Tune Up Day, we will now have documentation tasks
available for people to work on. The Doc team Editors have carefully
chosen several items that would be great for anyone who wants to get
involved with writing docs.
You can see the documentation specific tickets for tune up day here:
If none of these appeal to you, trust me, we have more. If you have an
idea for a document that you'd like to work on and it's not listed in
trac, we'll put it in there and get it tagged for tune up day. I will
be participating in Tune Up Day and available to help you find a doc
task to work on.
This is a great opportunity for newbies that want to start
contributing to the doc team or for anyone that wants a
non-programming task. Our goal is to make this a regular and easy way
to contribute to the doc team.
Hope to see you there!

here is my todo list for tomorrow. i'll be joing at late hours, but i'll put my share there for sure.

 * resolve one/two tickets (i didnt decide which one yet)
 * release sphinxbuilder for sphinx 0.5
 * start documenting one of plone.* package

So plone comunity is working towards better Plone, are you?

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