Monday, October 6, 2008

date/datetime widget for plone.z3cform

today i created calendar widget for plone.z3cform. its using mighty jquery datepicker plugin. for now i just made it functional, but there are some nice options i could include. well see it for your self. i hope i'll have some time to add test, add all functionality that archetype calendar widget has plus more.

did you notice jquery ui library (extension for jquery). it offers some useful stuff. maybe we should implement it into plone (as addon). any thoughts? ideas of implementation? did you use this jquery extension somewhere, your experiences?


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for posting this.

Being new to Plone3, I've tried formlib, z3cforms, plone.z3cforms, zc.datetimewidget struggling to get a basic datetime widget. It REALLY shouldn't be this hard.

Finally this one works.

Rok Garbas said...

yes this was a "gap" in z3cform for me also. lots of thing are still not working as they should. but i'm getting closer to final release.