Saturday, February 14, 2009

sarajevo story ends

i'm back, back to ljubljana ...

i neglected my blog fot the last 2 months, but meanwhile lots of things happen, some good some not that good. well staying in sarajevo was an experience i will remember, anyone that has never been to sarajevo i wormly suggest to visit it. despite recent war, everyday life stuff are back to normal, and reputation that sarajevo had in ex yugoslavia is restored (quote: "sarajevo is just like a little kid that will give you that child-like most honest look. if you hold him it will never let you go.").

in ljubljana finnaly things are shinny again, found a flat in the center (waiting for internet and then i move in), and also we have sun here at last. freelance waters are calm and stable, tnx for all my job providers for bearing with me last "crazy" month. so things are getting to normal again.

now its time to do new plans and throw old ones in the basket. for start i need to get back to my dear dyana (car) and restore it completely. then take it on unfogetable trip. destination is unknown and will probably depend on the job i get over the summer.

i did many releases on the pypi and didnt even bother to blog about it. in next week i'll "sync" it with and blog about them, looking fw to your comments.

and last for this after-long-time blogpost, if you are a company located at south of spain (or any other part will also be ok) and looking for some help with zope/plone related project give me a mail, since i plan to be there during summer and what could be more fun then to spend it with some great plonistas doing some cool stuff.

... today its salsa time, see you at gospodarsko rastavisce in ljubljana. i wonder if i still rember some moves :P


Anonymous said...

Cool to hear about your plans! I have some car work to do too…

And remember to check out collective.dist to upload to PyPI and at the same time. This functionality is also included in the next release of Python, I believe.

Rok Garbas said...

you also have an oldtimer?

yes, my intention was to use collective.dist. i think its mregister and mupload is part of python 2.6.