Tuesday, September 16, 2008

garbas.forum 0.1b7 - released

lasts month i was mostly busy with exams and i pass know only one untill now. just before exams started i released 0.1b7. still there is quite a lot of work to make it to the rc1 but that does not intimidate me. you can expect more beta releases in next month and i hope to make rock solid rc1 until end of next month, when i'll make some announcement on plone.org/products

there are quite some, changes made from beta4, check them out here ...
but there are some items in todo list that will change this forum up-side-down. some things you learn by doing them or next time i should plan better.

extra feature that i found quite interesting is commenting of images that also shows inside forums.
- you install garbas.forum
- in forum configuration panel select content type that you want to comment it. and also select to which forum should all this comments go to.
- when new comment is made new topic in forum is created with parent object's title as base of topic titile (eg. /ploneportal/galleries/my-new-house/image1.jpg will become /ploneportal/forum/my-new-house-image1.jpg)

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