Sunday, October 12, 2008

generate your own z3c.form docs

recently was down. for some of us who are using it extensivly that was just like someone pull a hat over my eyes. well since z3c.form ppl are using sphinx to generate this lovely documentation you can also create it on you own.

rok@bestia ~/Projects $ svn co svn:// z3cform-doc
rok@bestia ~/Projects $ cd z3cform-doc/
rok@bestia ~/Projects/z3cform-doc $ virtualenv --no-site-packages ./
rok@bestia ~/Projects/z3cform-doc $ source bin/activate
(z3cform-doc)rok@bestia ~/Projects/z3cform-doc $ python
(z3cform-doc)rok@bestia ~/Projects/z3cform-doc $ buildout

(z3cform-doc)rok@bestia ~/Projects/z3cform-doc $ docs
(z3cform-doc)rok@bestia ~/Projects/z3cform-doc $ firefox parts/docs/z3c.form/build/index.html

and you have it, simple a? this is the way official plone documentation should be, by my opinion.

z3c.recipe.sphinxdoc have some dependecy problem so you might have outdated email python package. if your buildout fails just update it with "easy_install email" and rerun buildout.


pyDanny said...

Thanks for this post. This is incredibly helpful.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this!

I wanted to note that in order to get the bin/docs script to work I had to add the path to the egg of the new email module to it manually. Otherwise it would fail with the same 'cannot import parser' error. I tried to pin the new version by editing buildout.cfg, but it didn't seem to matter.



Rok Garbas said...

you pinned and new email package didnt get pulled in? thats strange ... let me give it a try in next days to see why ...