Tuesday, October 21, 2008

my favorite buildout recipes

i'd like to share my experience with recipes. which one i use and which i found very exciting. and for the end which recipe i miss.
  1. zerokspot.gitrecipe
    since git is dvcs of my choice this recipe provides nice integration with git, when my code is not published yet.
  2. collective.buildbot
    i must admit that i didnt have chance to setup it up and give it a test. i heard ppl are really satisfied with it. well why shouldn't they be, setting up buildbot is super-easy now. i'm just searching time to setup buildbot to monitor my published projects.
  3. collective.recipe.backup
    use it constantly really useful recipe for your production. i would say this is a must in your production configuration.
  4. collective.recipe.sphinxbuilder
    great recipe for building your plone documentation with sphinx. it has some problems with recent 0.4.3, but i prepared some patch for it (need to tell tarek about it), should be included in next release.
  5. collective.recipe.supervisor
    i didn't use this recipe, but could become next thing to ship my deployment configuration with. i use simple (bellow) zc.recipe.egg:scripts recipe to ship with supervisord. then i have configuration files for supervisord separated from the buildout configuration, which is not so nice. for my next deployment i'll definitely look into this.
    recipe = zc.recipe.egg:scripts
    egg = supervisor
  6. gocept.nginx
    since i use nginx in 99% of my cases i like to ship also the configuration code for it within the buildout.
  7. iw.recipe.sendmail
    just found out about this one. i always add sendmail configuration code inside project i use which is then hard to switch to developing environment. well from tomorrow on i'll be using this. this is useful when you want to deploy Singing&Dancing with plone.
  8. plone.recipe.deliverance
    i'm really sorry not to have time to test this nice recipes. deliverence is "next plone generation themeing engine". i read all the docs/tutorials/reviews i could found about deliverence. i hope there will be some project in future that i could try it. maybe this recipe will make me try it since configuration is really easy.
  9. plone.recipe.varnish (plone.recipe.squid)
    i use varnish, but heard really nice words from ppl using squid. configuration of this to recipes is not similar, but is *identical*, so i might give squid a try just from my own curiosity . but before that i would need to learn some more about catching in plone. this is the area i lack knowledge most.
i also found more recipes which i didn't have time to look closer into. i'll just list them for me to test them later. if you used some of this please share your experience.
well i spoke till now only about what recipes we already have. but there is one recipe i would really like to see.

since i'd like to provide client with up-to-date, bug less as possible code in short time and not to wait for next releases of packages i often patch them. it would be nice to have this kind of tool possible to use from within buildout. maybe this will speed up (or at least make it easier) patch testing in plone core development. that would maybe lead to patches tested not only from one person but from more, maybe this patches are already used in production environment before they reach plone core which is big plus i think. so to sum up: recipe (collective.recipe.patch) that would apply patch to certain python package version. possible to pin this patch to specific version of python package)

maybe tonight is the night to produce this recipe. lets go cooking...


Anonymous said...

You Mr. Garbas have to learn better
I am from Ljubljana and was born in Slovenia too. I live in the US as a citizen.
I would like that a countryman of mine would speak as good English as I do, which is better than average.
Please take the trouble. I am sure you have the talent.

Rok Garbas said...

as long as i'm understood its ok. well most spoken language around world is not english anyway. its bad english so i fit :P

learning spanish now i hope i learn it better then eglish , hehe

anyway greetz to US..

Anonymous said...

Varnish is newer/better than Squid - stick with that. ;-)

Invertir en oro said...

thanks for this infor, i would like to read more about this topic.