Thursday, April 10, 2008

after a long time ... here i am

well after a long time no writing for my blog i finally found some time to write my frustrations :). what is new? well nothing special ... still working for more then 10 hours per day - yes i know that makes me an workaholic - but i hope in week or so thing will change. i'm preparing release of social networking portal written in Plone, so this will be my first big portal release. as i read on some other blog - "no guarantee, no fun". so expect announcement here.

i also discovered nice world of python wsgi. this is some other project mentioned above. wsgi really inspired me with optimistic ideas for future. i've looked into "paster serve" command that is just fantastic tool for handling.

well at least one thing is on the web. here site i deployed for one of my customer

i also wrote to Plone Fundation to allow me establish Slovenian plone community ( ... i already prepared some design for this site ... as you see on the top right.

and my todo is getting bigger. i have new things to test and to write about them:
- supervisor (
- zopeproject (
- grok (
- to use nginx instead of apache (

well i hope from now on i'll be more frequently writing to my blog.

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