Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ubuntu 8.04 - great success

as the older brother i'm taking care of my both sisters computers. and because my "support" is free i decide what OS i'll maintain. so for a long time (2 years), both of my sisters are using Linux as their main OS. for the last year they were using kubuntu, and the only problem till know was drivers for HP LaserJet 1005, but on the end turned out that printer is not working :) ... silly me ...

after a year i decided to upgrade their computers. i choose Ubuntu 8.04 beta (still needs 10 days to become stable, or more :) ). installation went smoothly, next, yes, next , yes, yes, ... etc. so like installing windows, with one exception that ubuntu was installed in aprox. 20min + reboot time.

i was amazed with design of ubuntu. its really nice. and when you able all those - uneccesary - effects, you can get any girls heart. well finnaly i can say that even macosx looks behind time when compared with ubuntu 8.04.

still i wont change my linux distro(gentoo), because i'm still a control freak. ubuntu team ... great work ... keep the spirit and happy future releases.

p.s. spellchecker is not working in ff3, hope it will work soon, because even i see that english above is like a crap, but hey, i'm master of bad english :)

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Anonymous said...

You have a decent grasp of the slang we English-speakers use. Especially how you said "hey" the way you did.

Compared to how we would speak your language, you're doing great!