Monday, April 14, 2008

where zope fails the most

ok, i'm not some big expert in zope, but some things are really bugging me about zope. zope is really nice tool, if you know how to use it. but mostly ppl get scared when they see site is in really bad shape. common guys. such a nice code, but so horrible site. i'm not talking here about design, i'm talking about how a simple person (small town programmer) can find anything on that site. that site should also, by my opinion, promote all those useful - non zope related - packages (zope.interfaces, zope.component, ...). my user experience with is really bad. its really hard to find something on that site, well after time you get used to it, but still when i see the link referring to, i get scarred about loosing another hour.

it's maybe not that bad as i said before, but still i see as one of the biggest black spots in zope world.

for now i really dont like this blog post, mostly i complain, makes me feel like my friend's wife. well i guess it would be nice to write some solutions for this problem:
  1. show more clearly that zope (3) is going more python way, i really like first page and that tabbed presentation of plone. it gives visitor quick overview of plone. zope should have some similar quick presentation of what zope can do.

  2. documentation should be better categorized. so you could quickly found all the documentation/tutorials/howtos about you problem. there should also be a mark for outdated documentation. i'm also missing commenting on howto's.

  3. i think there should be a section totally devoted to WSGI. here i mean middleware of all kinds. ppl should be in-charge of that section. they are doing excellent work. all in all wsgi is pythons web future.

  4. ok also some design work should be done, so its more clear and user friendly to use, but hey, thats only my opinion.

in short that would be it ... maybe i'll come up with something tomorrow, but i would really like to hear what all other zope (ab)users think about was there already some discussion about this that i missed. i just recently (last 3 months) subscribed to zope, plone planets so i should maybe not judge this.

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