Monday, March 9, 2009

in relationship of 2 persons that think similar, one is too much, so i left

yeeeey running again. knees are that better that i can walk and run :P i just found that golovec is so much better to run then roznik that i must promote it here.

and whats new. well last weekend i did some "horrible" things. i opened tweeter, facebook account. i started writing sms's again, i rent a book to read it, ... well you might find this things normal, but are not for me. this all goes in the basket of procrastrination (however it needs to be spelled). why i did this you would ask? i lost all my goals and wishes. nothing interests me. so i start doing things i hate. to appreciate how i lived before and old goals or to found some new ondes. so from now on procrastrination is on my daily agenda.

today i have 2 saying for you all, which i found them on old friend info page:
- Jej in pij in kavsaj, za večnost se ne ravsaj! (eat, drink and fuck, for eternity dont bother) Dr. F. Prešeren
- Če v timu dveh oseb oba mislita enako, je eden odveč. (in relationship of 2 persons that think similar, one is too much) Janez Škrabec

i can relate to both of them. so now i officialy screem "i wanna liveeeeee" :) hehe

p.s. soup the other day was not good because of tomatoes. well lets see how neighbour would say when i do it next time. well next day i realise i still have "a touch", since i (and me sis) coocked mussels, in 3 souses, cant tell how good it was since it was toooo fabulous.

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